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Dios mio no me lo esperaba XDDD

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Nubes crespas de hace unos días :3 #Clouds

Sky fits heaven so fly it. #Nature #Sky #Sun


I was once asked what it means to enter the void. I will tell you. An airbender may meditate for a hundred years trying to detach herself from the world, but she cannot do it. Humans cherish human life, and by that they are bound to this world. The only way to abandon the world is to abandon one’s humanity. New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old. The void is found in the sowing of death. From that death springs life on the wind.

-Guru Laghima

Hora de la siesta. #Cats

De regreso a clases :)

My mom since I graduated college in May:





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Teensy, tiny baby bird in teensy, tiny cup

Tiny birds are my favorite.

ianlozano me recordó a nuestro pequeño copetón *-*

" True freedom can only be achieved when oppressive governments are torn down…The natural order is disorder. "

- Wait, so Zaheer and the crazy kidnapping group are anarchists?!?! (via sortir-poursuivi-par-lours)